Yago Vazquez - Piano

Scott Lee - Bass

Jeff Hirshfield - Drums


Record Label: Fresh Sound New Talent


Year: 2016


Recorder at: Systems Two Studios, Brooklyn , NY


Producers: Scott Lee, Jeff Hirshfield and


Yago Vazquez


Recording Engineer: Mike Marciano


Mix and Master Engineer: Katsuhiko Naito


Cover Photo: Sandra Blach


Photography: Deborah Feingold


Executive Producer: Jordi Pujol



“Yago Vazquez, Scott Lee & Jeff Hirshfield have a special communication & sound that will capture you as it did me”

Joe Lovano (Jazz saxophonist)


“Their music combines the qualities of depth with lyricism, intensity with calm assurance and an elastic, yet sure handed rhythmic sense”

Budd Kopman (Jazz critic)

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